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Drone Operations

Fly safe and Legal



Why us?

Drone technology is a wonderful new innovation but many still are unaware that there are rules and regulations governing the use drones.

Commercial usage of drone imagery and video must be created under CAA approved operating conditions. the "pilot" must have drone specific insurance and should provide a flight plan and risk assessment before take off.

That's where we come in. All of our flights are conducted under a CAA approved operations meaning you're content is legal to use to support your commercial activities.

What is Commercial use?

Any media which supports a commercial activity. This could appear on webpage, on social media post or in support of an article in paper media.

Our process


TIGERSTRIPE will make sure it's legal to fly over the area in question. When necessary we will contact local authorities and gain permissions to conduct an operation.

Once we know we're ok the conduct a flight we can take your booking and produce a flight plan.

On the day

On the day of the operation we will brief all parties involved in the operation and provide crowd control if necessary. TIGERSTRIPE notify the appropriate authorities on take-off and again once the operation is over.

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